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Hiring Web Designers!

February 23, 2012 Comments off

At Point2, we love doing what we do best  — creating compelling, innovative software.  Do you eat, sleep, and breathe web design? If you are a passionate Web Designer looking for exciting new and interesting challenges, we would love to hear from you!

The ideal candidate for this position will not only possess an experienced approach to design, but will also mesh seamlessly with the rest of our team of web designers and developers. In this role, you will collaborate with designers and developers to help create cutting-edge web experiences for our customers. You will also work closely with many other business units within Point2 in order to help expand our new product lines and maintain our various web-based products.

We are looking for someone who has:

– Extensive experience developing consumer and/or commercial websites
– Ability to create great looking intuitive user experiences

– 3-5 years demonstrated experience hand-coding advanced HTML, CSS, and Javascript
– Proficiency using the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator
– Ability to design, code, and troubleshoot for all major browsers
– Awareness of the latest design & development trends and technologies
– Experience working into a highly-collaborative team environment
– Bachelor’s Degree or certificate in web/graphic design or equivalent (preferred)

– Experience with jQuery and mobile web design (an asset)

Interested in joining the team? Email your resume to  or apply online Include samples of your work with your application.

Point2, a division of Yardi Systems, offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and professional development opportunities.

Join the vibrant team in Saskatoon, SK and enjoy living in place that blends small town appeal with big city amenities.  If you drop by our office, you will notice:

  • Plenty of laughter mixed with a serious drive to be the very best
  • Gourmet coffee and fresh fruit daily
  • Blue jeans, lava lamps, and family photos
  • Foosball, pool tables, and comfy couches
  • Yoga mats, fitness balls, free weights
  • Whiteboards … everywhere
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Hiring Software Developers!

February 23, 2012 Comments off

Agile, XP, and DevOps. Innovation, creativity, and excitement. Buzzwords? Maybe they are, but we don’t care what you call it. We want to get stuff done. You want to get stuff done? Come and collaborate with our team, so we can get stuff done.

We are developing a suite of new and exciting products. Our base toolkit includes Python, Scala, C#, MongoDB, .Net MVC, Java, MSSQL, ActiveMQ, VMWare, SVN, and Git. More buzzwords? Maybe, but we still don’t care what you call it. You don’t have to search in the deepest and darkest corners of our basement to find these technologies. We use them daily, and we work them hard.

We’ve got lots of exciting projects to do. We want to get them done because winners lead, and we want to be out front. We want to add more awesome people to the group of smart and talented people we already have. We want people that can hit the ground running. We want people that can bring their game and own this job.

You better like having passionate discussions. You better not hold back (because we don’t). You better want to learn and teach something every day. You better deliver value because you write wicked awesome code. What? That’s you?  Then you better apply for this job because WE WANT YOU!

Show us what you’ve got. Email your resume to or apply online

Point2, a division of Yardi Systems, offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and professional development opportunities. You’ll be working in Saskatoon. The office has lots of geek stuff like fresh ground coffee, foosball, pool tables, and whiteboards. It’s awesome.

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February 3, 2012 Comments off

In one of the MVC3 apps i’ve been working on we decided to make sure that all of the urls specify information in a restful fashion, that is they are all directly in the path(route), nothing in request parameters.  Everything was going smoothly until we hit our first action where parameters are optional.

Lets look at this theoretical route table:


So you could imagine that we would have different urls that apply to these routes like: 

The problem is that this url pattern isn’t gracefully handled out of the box with mvc3.  If you tried to hit one you would be greated with a nice exception:

The current request for action ‘Nascar’ on controller type ‘YearlySummaryController’ is ambiguous between the following action methods:….

see the solution here…