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We survived ÜberConf!

June 17, 2010

This NFJS conference was intense with a lot of good speakers. Sean, Brian and I started ÜberConf 2010 in Denver with a relaxing Monday evening of dinner with a KeyNote on Challanges and Directions in Java Virtual Machines by Dr. Cliff Click. Following the keynote was a meet and greet party with delicious Hors d’oeuvre and free beer. It all sounds great and easy? That’s just the beginning.

The real hard work started on Tuesday. The sessions went from 8am – 10pm. Yup, 6 great 1.5 hour sessions in a day. Our brains were overloaded with information and code snippets. Dr Cliff Click finished both of his sessions (The Art of Benchmarking and Fast ByteCodes for Funny Languages) earlier. He offered bonus talks on The Pauseless GC algorithm and Towards a Scalable Non-Blocking Coding Style. Rather than 6 sessions, I had the great opportunity of attending 8 sessions in a day instead.

With so much going on, we could have easily turned into zombies before the evening sessions. However, the two evening sessions (Mike Richard’s session on the Art of Messaging and Venkat Subramaniam’s session on How to Approach Refactoring) that I had attended were gold. The speakers kept the adrenaline going with lots of great jokes (e.g. “Commenting out code during refactoring is like leaving a dead rat on the table”) and interesting titbits.

In a nutshell, funny speakers, great material, delicious food and beautiful weather (29 degree celsius), we can’t complain. Now it’s time to go home, go through the notes to recap what we have learned and use it well.

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