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Point2 Talks Software Craftsmanship at Career Fair

February 12, 2010

This past Wednesday the Computer Science Students’ Society held their annual Career Fair at the University of Saskatchewan. Point2 has been involved in these recently and this year was no different. We had a booth set up on the main floor giving us a chance to speak with students who would soon be entering the industry. It was also a great way to showcase all of the progressive things we do to attract all of the brightest minds.

We were also given a twenty-five minute slot to present to the students, so my fellow Team Lead Mark Hollman and I used this as an opportunity to discuss how Point2 is adopting the idea of Software Craftsmanship. This is a trend that has started to gain momentum in the industry, treating software development as a modern day craft. It was great to bring this movement to the students’ attention (nearly no one had heard of it) so that they could start to think of their upcoming career as a craft.

Mark and I felt as though we did a good job in demonstrating how working at Point2 is not only a job, but also a guaranteed path to learn, to teach, and to nurture the passion that so many software developers have for their craft. It is these differences that make a job as a Point2 developer a career.

By Hemant J. Naidu

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