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Understanding Project Management Lesson 1: Get Out of the Bubble

April 2, 2009

When I started my career in IT I was a UI developer. The most I had learned in my formal post-secondary education was that projects consisted of functional requirements gathering, documentation, development, acceptance and release. I lived in a tiny bubble. Code was written and tested, and then it was magically deployed to a customer’s website by some process that I was obviously not involved in.

As my skills and responsibilities evolved, so did my aptitude for understanding everything that was going on in the development and release cycles. I wanted to know what was supposed to happen before, during and after a software release. When I read this post about non-functional requirements from Leading Answers, it reminded me how much I have learned over the past several years as well as how much I enjoy seeing things from several points of view.

Some people (of course not all…) find comfort in understanding more aspects of their development projects.
If you think that might be you, consider getting out of your bubble to explore something a little different.

By: Melanie Cey

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