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Mmmm Breakfast

March 25, 2009


Not exactly a technical post but worth mentioning.

Today our morning energy level was given a boost by our Customer Service Representative (CSR) team. Not only did they manage to organize “pyjama day” as part of this they also cooked breakfast for the whole company. Waffles, fruit, juice, chocolate milk, whipped cream, sausage and most importantly BACON was provided. Gluttony for all.

Gestures like these are always a benefit to the team as a whole. Many staff get right into the dress up aspect of the day and breakfast is always a good excuse to talk about the upcoming day.

We often do things up here; Hawaii day, crazy hair day, etc. I know it’s cheesy but mixing it up at work to me is always a motivator.

By: James Townley

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  1. kevinbitinsky
    March 30, 2009 at 2:36 PM

    All those of us who dressed down at work (I wore my house coat and slippers) also received a special gift… gift certificates for Tim’s and Starbucks!

    Free breakfast, casual environment, and free coffee (which we then turn into code:)).

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