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Diving into Python

March 9, 2009

Our company is currently ‘diving into Python‘ which as a developer makes me extremely happy. I can see diversity is emerging in our development arena.

But this post is not so much about Python as it is about disseminating knowledge across our company, i.e. how do we make sure that our organization learns technology X or methodology Y ? If you have been in this industry for a while you must have heard this sort of answer from your boss quite often: “Make them learn that stuff at home!” or “Buy them a few books so that they can read about it at their own pace!” or the classic: “Let’s get a Knowledge Base” or “Let’s get an expert on the topic”.

Although these approaches may work for you, they have never worked for me as well as what my new company has in place. At Point2, one way to disseminate knowledge and make sure that everyone is on the same boat, is using a workshop schema whereby every Friday we run two or three workshops in parallel that last for 1 or 2 hours depending on  presenter and topic. Most of them are so good that presenters have to repeat them the following week for the audience who could not attend some workshops. To give you a taste of what these are, this month we are running the Python series. The following four workshops are aligned:

  • Python 101
  • Django 101
  • Django to interface REST services
  • PyGame

Hopefully out of this series we’ll get some more Pythonistas in our company 😉

It would be interesting to know what other things worked for our readers, besides workshops.

By: Marcos Tarruella

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